About Us

We are passionate about living a healthy lifestyle, movement, fitness, strength and conditioning. This includes, but not limited to, cross-training, martial arts, gymnastics, and yoga.  We are huge believers in holistic and creative training that is both challenging and fun.


Jian Pablico | Founder & Head Coach

Jian has been involved in movement, strength & conditioning, sports,  martial arts all his life. He holds a CrossFit Level 1 Certification, MMA Conditioning Certification, Capoeira [Brazilian Martial Arts] Instructor Certification, and is an experienced speaker/facilitator on Community and  Youth Engagement /Youth Empowerment.

He started his training as an amateur boxer at Steveston Boxing Club in Richmond.  This was followed by 9 years of training and teaching the Brazilian martial art called Capoeira. From Capoeira, he learned not only about balance, coordination, self defense and agility but also how to teach people to do something they never thought they could do in a creative and safe way.

Currently, Jian is a the head trainer/co-owner of  Distrikt Movement and a competitive CrossFit athlete representing CrossFit North Vancouver in the 2012, 2013 and 2014 Regional Games


Alex Mazerolle | Yoga Teacher

Vars/ty Initiative’s official Yoga Teacher is Girlvana Yoga‘s  founder Alex Mazerolle.  “With over 500 hours of training in both yoga and pilates, movement has long been a passion of hers. Hailing from an extensive background in dance, she is no stranger to injury, illness, low self esteem and mean girl behaviour. Through the years her yoga journey began to reveal a happier, healthier and more confident self. She started Girlvana to serve our next generation of women to be fully expressed, heart centered leaders. Providing mentorship, empowerment and tools of deep love and respect for ourselves and our uniqueness. Alex is also a Lululemon Ambassador, the creator of the popular Vancouver community event Yoga, Eat, Repeat, the teacher of EA Sports’ Yogify App and  is the head yoga instructor/co-owner of Distrikt Movement.


Cameron Hilts | Instructor 

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