Our Initiative

“VARS/TY is a holistic approach to ensuring that youth grow up to reach their full potential. Our aim is to empower young people to become first-string in athletics, community and in life.”

What makes this program different from other youth fitness program is that, it’s not a fitness program. It is much more than that. It is for youth who want an edge in their sport or activity but it is also for youth who are just interested in Cross-Training, Movement, Community and Healthy Living. We want to give youth the opportunity to make functional fitness, movement, strength and conditioning not just a part of young people’s life, but their actual lifestyle.

IMG_0599In one hour, youth will not only be put through a safe and challenging workout but at the end of every session there will always be space for youth to bring up any questions, have discussion and get support from an experienced and connected youth worker from the community. This is an opportunity for youth to have dialogue and guidance about the things that are relevant to them (school, volunteer work, employment, bullying, relationships etc).

“We believe that being fit is just the bi-product of being a part of a healthy community and lifestyle. We want young people to excel in athletics but, what is more important to us, is that they excel in their community and in life”

Distrikt Movement inc. from Sarah Blondin on Vimeo.

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