We’ve been waiting for this all year & summer is coming again soon.  We’re going back to Whistler and it’s going to be another unforgettable experience.


WHO: Youth ages 14-18

WHAT: 5 day Fitness, Yoga, and Leadership Retreat


WHERE: Whistler, BC

WHEN: Sunday August 19 to Thursday 23 2018

COST: $650 + tax


  • 4 nights accommodation in a Whistler Lodge that includes 10 bedrooms + 10 bathrooms [gender separate rooms]
  • 3 healthy + tasty meals every day [including snacks throughout the day] with help from a Culver City Salads.
  • CrossFit, Yoga classes and outdoor/group activities
  • Transportation from Vancouver to Whistler
  • Swag bag (t-shirts, journals & more)
  • This cost encompasses any other group activities that the youth take part in during their stay in Whistler.

To register please email when registration opens with your interest.  An initial $200 deposit will be needed to reserve your spot that will go towards the total coast.  Only 13 spots available & they sell out quickly each year.

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